Accepted Papers and Posters

Full paper (total 15):

  1. Manhattan Based Hybrid Semantic Similarity Algorithm for Geospatial Ontologies (Thirumagal Egambaram and Saruladha K)
  2. Bridging the Gap - Using External Knowledge Bases for Context-Aware Document Retrieval (Benjamin Köhncke, Patrick Siehndel and Wolf-Tilo Balke)
  3. Social sustainability of digital libraries: a research framework (Gobinda Chowdhury)
  4. A New Plug-in System Supporting Very Large Digital Library (Jin Wang, Yong Zhang, Yang Gao and Chunxiao Xing)
  5. A Cluster-based Incremental Recommendation Algorithm on Stream Processing Architecture (Yuqi Wang, Yin Zhang, Yanfei Yin, Deng Yi and Baogang Wei)
  6. Ranking Vicarious Learners in Research Collaboration Networks (Andrea Tagarelli and Roberto Interdonato)
  7. Large-Scale Experiments for Mathematical Document Classification (Simon Barthel, Sascha Tönnies and Wolf-Tilo Balke)
  8. Technological Devices in the Archives: A Policy Analysis (Ciaran Trace and Unmil Karadkar)
  9. SRec: an automatic slide capturing and sharing system (Zhenkun Zhou, Weiming Lu and Wenjia An)
  10. An Architecture for Community-based Curation and Presentation of Complex Digital Objects (Isgandar Valizada, Thomas Liebetraut, Nick Russler and Dirk Von Suchodoletz)
  11. Influence Diffusion Detection Using Blogger’s Influence Style (Kien-Weng Luke Tan, Jin-Cheon Na and Yin Leng Theng)
  12. The Common Man: An Examination of Content Creation and Information Flow on Twitter during the 2012 New Delhi Anti-gang Rape Protest (Saifuddin Ahmed and Kokil Jaidka)
  13. RefConcile – Automated Online Reconciliation of Bibliographic References (Guido Sautter, Klemens Böhm and David King)
  14. Analyzing Trust-based Mixing Patterns in Signed Networks (Amit Rathore, Mandar Mutalikdesai and Sanket Patil)
  15. Playing Human Computation Games for Mobile Information Sharing: The Influence of Personality and Perceived Information Quality (Ei Pa Pa Pe-Than, Dion Goh and Chei Sian Lee)

Short paper (total 7):

  1. TRIEIR: Indexing and Retrieval Engine for Kannada Unicode Text (Sumant Kulkarni and Srinath Srinivasa)
  2. Use of Short Message Service (SMS) to maximize the library usage: A Tale of two libraries (John Anbu and Sridevi Jetty)
  3. The metadata schema design and utility architecture for Thai Lanna inscription collection (Churee Techawut, Papangkorn Inkeaw, Jeerayut Chaijaruwanich and Trongjai Hutangkura)
  4. Automatic Extraction of Event Information from Newspaper Articles and Web Documents (Hidetsugu Nanba, Ryuta Saito, Aya Ishino and Toshiyuki Takezawa)
  5. An Evaluation Study of the Automating Metadata Interoperability Model: A Case Study of the Digital Thai Lanna Archive (Churee Techawut, Lalita Tepweerapong and Choochart Haruechaiyasak)
  6. Migrating Researcher from Local to Global: Using ORCID to Develop the TLIS VIVO with CLISA and Scopus (Joyce Chao-Chen Chen, Mike W. Ko and Vincent Tsung-Yeh Lee)
  7. Social Media as Online Information Grounds: A Preliminary Conceptual Framework (Bhuva Narayan, Bazilah A Talip, Jason Watson and Sylvia Edwards)

Poster (total 10):

  1. PuntTable: a Flexible Repository System for Digital Library (Chao Lan, Tianyu Meng, Yong Zhang and Chunxiao Xing)
  2. Scholarly Communications in Social Networks: A Study (Samar Iqbal Bakhshi and Sridhar Gutam)
  3. The Evolution of Scholarly Digital Library Needs in an International Environment: Social Reference Management Systems and Qatar (Hamed Alhoori, Carole Thompson, Richard Furuta, John Impagliazzo, Edward Fox and Mohammed Samaka)
  4. Implementation of Social Technologies in Community Networks: From Digital Curation Perspective (Bhojaraju Gunjal, Ramesha B and Panorea Gaitanou)
  5. Every user his visualization? User performance and preferences of different hierarchical layouts (Tanja Merčun and Maja Žumer)
  6. Hold, touch and read it: border interactions in mobile reading environment (Zhenkun Zhou and Jiangqin Wu)
  7. SIARD Archive Browser - The Components (Arif Ur Rahman, Gabriel David and Cristina Ribeiro)
  8. Towards the Electronic Publishing: An Assessment of Indian Publishing Media (Vilas Jadhav)
  9. Novel Measures for Reciprocal Behavior and Equivalence in Signed Networks (Muinulla Shariff, Mandar Mutalikdesai, Kourosh Malekafzali, Shoaib Najeeb, Vinay Sudhakaran and Muneer Altaf)
  10. Designing and Engineering the Digital Library Ontology (Son Nguyen Hoang and Gobinda Chowdhury).